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Thinking about how ironic it is with the release of the new Warioware because:
RS's Rage against the TV: a video game character becomes part of the real world.
WW Get it Together!: real people become part of a video game world.

I had lots of expectations for this episode and you subverted all of them! I can't stress how fantastic this series is!

I didn't even notice until rewatching this that the voices are inconsistent with the colors. Oh my god, that's hillarious!

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This was super fun and well-designed. The music makes me feel super nostalgic!

This was really fun!

Between this, Spookware getting a commercial release, and of course Get it Together coming out in two weeks, the Warioware genre seems to be getting a big boost recently.

Pretty cool game. I like to think of it as Hololive meets Celeste.

My final results were 66 deaths, 17/22 Prawns and 35:08:20.

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As someone who's been really interested in indie development for a long time, I absolutely cannot wait for the festival coming this month!

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We got:
Hank and a grunt from Madness Combat
Lemon Monster from Friday Night Funkin'
Something from The Binding of Issac (the 2nd from the top on the left, pretty sure it's from that game but can't nail something specific)
And Frankenstein's mask is similar to that of Skid from Spooky Month.
Those are the ones I recognise. This is all-around fantastic!

VonGrimsworth responds:

UH OH, WINNER MOMENT! You got pretty much almost all of them right!

Jock Coke

So are her parents sharks or something?

Aspiring games developer who's currently working in university. I have a few ideas running in my head but I don't really have the motivation to make them into full things at the moment.

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